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End Smile Denial™

We’re pioneering a future where everyone -- both patient and dentist alike -- embraces their right to smile.


The Digital Drug Handbook™

Digital Drug Handbook

The Digital Drug Handbook is the fastest, point-of-care drug information resource -- made for dentists, by dentists.

Dentists deserve to smile too.
That's why we help you...


Say goodbye to flipping through handbook pages, scrolling through Google, or playing phone tag with doctors or pharmacists.


Most drug guides are written for physicians and pharmacists - not dentists.


We include what you actually need to know, like local anesthetic warnings, medical consult recommendations, dental implications, and more - all in an easy-to-read, bullet-point format.


We also provide pharmacist-approved dental-specific dosing guidelines and offer recommendations for alternatives should a medication be contraindicated or inappropriate.


Next time a patient comes in with a mile-long med list, don't panic - we've got you.


We turn a 5-15 minute process (or longer if you're calling the doctor or pharmacist) into just over a minute. In fact, we're 10X* faster than traditional methods (even Google) in getting what you as a dentist need to know.

This way, you can see more patients faster without worrying about compromising patient safety.

*based on an internal study against handbooks, search engines, and online databases


Did you know that bruxism is a common side effect of many drugs like SSRIs?

Our founders have decades of experience practicing dentistry. So, besides kicking up your productivity with newly unlocked time, you'll also make more money with our revenue-enhancing tips. 


For example, we tell you when to evaluate a patient for an occlusal guard or book more frequent checkups, all tied to a drug's side effect profile.


Protect yourself from potential legal issues by having access to our knowledge base. 

Med Reports are timestamped and saved on our end, and you can always print or download them for your own records.

Our content also reflects the latest FDA, ADA, and other governing bodies' recommendations and guidelines so you can ensure you're up-to-date.

How it works


Enter the patient's info

Search by name and date of birth to pull a patient's saved Med Report. Or, manual entry of medication names is lightning fast with our autocomplete.

*COMING SOON* Integration with your practice management software means we can pull your patient's info straight from their existing records. Even more, our state-of-the-art Patient App enables patients to securely share their electronic health records with your Office.


Create a Med Report

Just click 'Create Report' and within seconds you have all of the patient's medications in a single view

We give multiple levels of information (Snapshot, Quick View, Detailed View) to fit your needs in the moment.

Everything is timestamped and saved, and it's easy to print or download.


Check prescribing info & more

When it's time to prescribe, use Rx Check to see dentistry-specific dose instructions and information. It also includes a drug-drug interaction checker to keep you and the patient safe.

*COMING SOON* MedAssent Rx digital patient education can be sent straight to your patient's phone.

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Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

"When I was first introduced to MedAssent DDS, I was skeptical about the app's practicality. After I became familiar with the app's functions, it became an essential tool for my office.

MedAssent DDS's biggest strength is its ease of use. The dashboard is simple and easy to navigate to the information you need. I would definitely recommend it to all my colleague dentists."

Dr. Steven Chou, DDS

General Dentist of 30+ years

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